Bulk SMS

BusinessSMS is a popular name for Bulk SMS Company / Services in India. We provide a range of customized solutions that enable entrepreneurs, businesses, non-profits, and not-for-profit organisations to communicate with their existing and potential clients. Bulk SMS Marketing is the most cost effective way to drive new sales and warm leads.

  • Puts your brand or service in big league in your client's and prospects view point.
  • Save time, as it is Quick to Create, Conceptualize & Start the Campaign.
  • Cheaper and Faster Instant Results very low cost.
  • Increase Your Sales & Generate Repeat Sales with increased customer satisfaction.
  • Direct Reach to Audience & Highly Personalized.
  • Highest ROI (Return on Investment) with best result than any other media.

BusinessSMS Salient Features

  • Much of the keenness and usability insights has gone in while developing BusinessSMS web application which is developed using latest and greatest technologies available today.
  • 'Send SMS' service automatically conditions your mobile numbers, like filtering out short length numbers, prefixing '91' to numbers, removing '0' prefixed to phone numbers, if required. Thus you would be able to mix phone numbers from different source lists, formatted in different way and submitting SMS without much bothring to prefix country code to every number.
  • BusinessSMS provides online contact management, enabling you to send SMS to your contact groups from any computer, even when you are on move.
  • Facility to Import your contact data from Excel Template. And manage Contact Groups.
  • Scheduling Option form Web Application, ActiveX and HTTP API.
  • User has option to set low balance alert level in his profile.
  • BULK SMS Android Application (With Offline Contact Management Feature) to send SMS from your mobile phone.
  • Excel based application for sending custom, one to one SMS with clients Name, Date, Amount, etc. inserted in SMS without any development. Most useful for those who wants to send custom SMS without investing on any Software API Integration.
  • State of art, FREE, Excel Plug In to SMS Enable your every Excel Sheet.
  • Multiple routes and backup routes to provide un-interuptted service to your important applications or campaigns.

WhatsApp Business API

With increasing customer-base each day, WhatsApp is currently the most preferable and loved messaging App among users. Given to its ability to send text, attachments (i.e. image, audio, stickers, document), Location, Contacts etc; it has become the most preferable medium for communication.
It’s Simple, Secure and Reliable nature is bound to enhance the customer experience through Business APIs.
Be it ordering food and groceries, sending Bills, sharing Locations, sending Itinerary detail, chat bots to engage customers; there are unimaginable ways WhatsApp Business API can enhance user experience and minimize efforts for Brands.

  • Brand Name in Profile – a way to stand-out among your competitors.
  • Send transaction details, notifications, alerts, Product Updates, reminders etc.
  • Share Media-rich text containing PDF, Image etc.
  • Share location with clients.
  • Has Global reach.
  • Track read-receipts.
  • An efficient-way for two-way communication – Send and receive message from clients.

And there can be n- numbers of use cases you can use it to enhance your user experience.
You can call us at : 0712-6638888, if you are interested to know more about this.

2 Way SMS

Introduction: How 2 Way SMS System Works?
  • 2 Way SMS Cycle Starts with any mobile phone sending message to Short Code or Long Code. This is referred to as PULL SMS or Mobile Originated (MO) SMS.
  • Message received by Short Code or Long Code is forwarded to BusinessSMS Pull Server by the mobile operator. The server starts processing of message depending on First Word (Keyword) in the SMS.
  • Pull Server may forward incoming SMS to some URL of Client's Web Application and get processed response (with requested data) from that URL or use fixed preset text reply.
  • The reply would be sent back to the mobile phone initiating the cycle. The reply message is referred to as PUSH SMS or Mobile Terminated (MT) SMS.
  • The Pull SMS (incoming SMS) is also stored in Inbox on BusinessSMS server, and may be configured to be forwarded by e-mail or SMS to concerned person or department.

Voice Call

Voice Call is another great way to reach your audience directly.

  • You can broadcast Pre-recorded clip in any language to bulk numbers.
  • Schedule Voice Call.
  • IVR (Interactive Voice Response) facility available for voice call for creating Voice call flow wherein responses can be captured and next clip will be played depending on response.
  • Text-To-Speech feature.
  • Can be used for Promotional as well as Transactional Purpose.
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Bulk SMS API and SMS WebService

This Section provides information for Software Developers, System Integrators and Webmasters.

We also provide Hosted Web SMS Application with your Banner, Logo, ContactUs Page, Pricing Page, Excel Application and Admin Control Panel. You would be able to create User Groups, Resellers under you. Use this option to SMS enable your website within minutes. Get in touch with us today.

BusinessSMS Quick Start Guide

We appreciate your interest in BusinessSMS bulk SMS Service. Here are few quick tips which will help you best use BusinessSMS services:

  1. Login to your account using your e-mail address as User ID and Password. (TaxPro Clients may use their TPCRN and Password.)
  2. You may send bulk sms by separating numbers by comma or return (enter).
  3. List of numbers may be pasted from Excel Sheet Column.
  4. We recommand ideal batch size of 1000 SMS in single submission using Web based Interface. This is to prevent any losses due to poor Internet Connection.
  5. Length of single SMS is 160 characters.
  6. GSM handsets provides capability to receive long sms (multi-segment) with each segment being 152 characters and sms gets re-assembled and displayed as single sms by reciving GSM handset.
  7. Some CDMA handsets doesn’t support multi-segment SMS and your long message may be displayed as separate message at receiving hand set.
  8. Sending single long sms will deduct your account by corresponding number of sms as displayed below sms text box on Send SMS screen.
  9. If sms contains single Unicode character, complete sms would be sent as Unicode sms with 70 chars as single sms size and 64 chars as segment size in case of multi segment Unicode sms.
  10. Alpha-numeric SenderID will be sent in the header of sms sent to GSM numbers.
  11. BusinessSMS Windows or Web based interface filters invalid numbers at the user interface level and doesn’t send sms to number having insufficient digits.
  12. Scheduled SMS would be scheduled for Delivery within 5-6 minutes of your Scheduled Time, if your account has required balance to submit the complete batch.

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